Spur Gondola Shelving

Spur Gondola Freestanding Shelving, DS2 uprights, Spur Uprights
Spur Gondola DS2 Uprights

Floor to Ceiling Double sided Spur Uprights

Suitable for long runs of bay shelving

System uses Spur Steel-Lok Brackets
and Shelves.

Spur Steel-Lok Shelving system, DS2, Gondola shelving
Spur Brackets and Shelves

The Steel-Lok Range of brackets and shelves
are Fully Suitable with the Gondola
DS2 System.

Spur Gondola DS2 uprights, legs, Tie bars, Feet
Spur Gondola Accessories

Accessories for the Gondola System
Including L-Leg and T-Leg for Freestanding,
Tie Bars and Back Cladding.