Shelving Systems

Storage Solutions Ltd Manufacturer of Shelving Systems

Storage Solutions are a renowned manufacturer of shelving systems for Warehouse, Commercial , Retail and Domestic environments. We also distribute other manufacturers shelving systems where we do not have the right product for you.

As a manufacturer we are able to design and make shelving that exactly meets with your requirements not just offer standard products. We are also able to supply these specials on a quick turnaround whilst our competitors are shipping in from around the world but if you are not in the UK we can also ship to where ever you are. Our brands include Prostore, Zamba and Spur the world renowned brand. Many of our shelvng bays are in pre-packed units. If you object to packaging we are with you and can supply bulk with additional discount as reward! If you do not see what you require why not give us a call 0n 01805 624062.

Our biggest shelving job to date hold close to 1 million archive boxes: we also sell shelving for your shed!
SPUR Shelving range wall munted and free standing shelving
Spur Shelving Ranges

The Most Respected
Wall Mounted Shelving Systems

SPUR Steel-Lok

Genuine Product

TwinSlot Shelving DIY Ironmongery Wall Mounted  screw fixed uprights &  brackets
TwinSlot Shelving

TwinSlot the low cost option

Not for heavy applications

Use Spur Steel-Lok for strength.

Warehouse shelving | Industrial Angle |  Standard Shelving | industrial shelves | Shelf Units steel shelving
Industrial and Warehouse Shelving

Adjustable Chipboard and Bolted Shelving.
For use in Stock rooms, Warehouses
And other Storage Areas.

Made in our UK Factory
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Boltless office shelving systems with 3 shelf levels or 4 and 5 shelves made in the UK
Shelving and Storage Units

Bolted and Boltless Shelving Products
Suitable for use in School, Offices,
Homes and Storage Areas.

Made in our UK Factory
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Strongbeam shelf brckets Mitred Bracket Wrought Iron Shelving manufacturer

Fixed Position Wall Brackets

Used in Schools, Colleges

Garages and Sheds

Industrial Warehouse Shelving | Low cost  Big Value Shelving Cheap Shelving
Special Offer Shelving

Highly Competitive Shelving
Warehouses and Stockrooms
Patented Design

Made in Our Factory
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Shelving for Garage Shed Shelving Units ladder Brackets
Home and Garden Shelving

Superb Value Shelving
Ladder brackets
Hanging basket brackets

Apex Longspan Shelving | Apex Storage Warehouse Archiving Long Span Shelving Experts
Apex Longspan Shelving

Heavy Duty Apex Longspan
Warehouse Applications & Projects

Call our Expert Design Team

Major Contracts a Speciality including
Rack Supported Floors and Multi-tiers