Bott Panel Trolley 1600mm High - 6 Perfo Panels & 60 Hooks

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Product Details

Bott workshop tool board trolley with 6 perfo panel tool boards and a 60 Piece Hook Kit.
1600mm high x 1000mm wide x 650mm deep.
Panels fit vertically or at an incline.

Supplied with 2 x fixed & 2 x swivel/braked 125mm castors.

Hook Kit consists of the following items:
5 x 25mm Double Hooks
5 x 75mm Double Hooks
5 x 100mm Double Hooks
5 x 150mm Double Hooks
5 x 56mm W x 20mm L U-Holders
5 x 25mm Single Hooks
5 x 50mm Single Hooks
5 x 6mm Spring Clips
5 x 13mm Spring Clips
5 x 19mm Spring Clips
5 x 25mm Spring Clips
1 x Spanner Holder 75-145mm W
1 x Saw Holder 125mm W
1 x Screwdriver Holder 225mm W
1 x Allen Key Holder 112mm W
1 x Drill Bit Holder 225mm W

Price: £573.85