Bott Perfo 1125mm high Static Rack With 40pc Hook Kit

Stock Code: 16917200.11V

Product Details

This Freestanding Static Bott perfo ® Double Sided Panel Rack measures 1000mm wide x 550mm deep x 1125mm high and is designed to provide high capacity storage when used in conjunction with our range of hooks, clips and other accessories.

Supplied complete with a 40 piece hook kit, this product is manufactured in the UK and available with a 10 year warranty. The hook kit supplied consists of the following items: 5 x 75 mm double hooks, 5 x 150 mm double hooks, 5 x 56 x 20 mm U-holders, 10 x hooks, 10 x spring clips, 1 x spanner holder, 1 x saw holder, 1 x screwdriver holder, 1 x allen key holder, 1 x drill bit holder.

NB Tools are not included.

Price: £267.54