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Platform weigh scales 200kg 0.2 tonne capacity

Stock Code: CPWPLUS200

Product Details

This CPW Plus weighing scale can measure up to 200kg, in accurate increments of 50g. Platform size 300 x 300mm. Stainless steel weighing platforms with remote indicator. Large backlit LCD display designed for easy reading of weighing results. Battery powered with AC adaptor. Wall mounting kit included. 4 simple button operation and 4 weighing units (KG, lb, oz, lb:oz). Complete with a RS-232 bi directional interface communication port to communicate between balances and printers or computers. Able to weigh live animals such as a rabbit, which may move around during weighing. The balance works out an average weight based on the force exerted by the animal over an extended period of time. Once the internal calculation is completed by the balance, it will hold the value. Hold function.

Platform weigh scales 200kg 0.2 tonne capacity Industrial Commercial scales 138325
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