Bott deep plastic trough divder kit A for drawers 525x650mm

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Product Details

Bott deep plastic trough kit suitable for Cubio drawer cabinets of 525mm wide x 650mm deep.
Plastic trough kit suitable for drawer heights of 75mm+
Kit capable of making a total of 24 compartments.
Kit consists of 4 boxes, 5 troughs and 15 trough dividers with the following sizes:
1 x 75mm x 75mm boxes
3 x 75mm x 150mm boxes
2 x 70mm x 400mm troughs
3 x 45mm x 400mm troughs
6 x 70mm trough dividers
9 x 45mm trough dividers

Dividers can be secured into the troughs using the slots inside the troughs.

Price: £31.77